>>>Pain on Radio 1 TONITE + L’Amour Electronique a la weekend

Hello Pain-sters,

a quick newsflash for you, and then details of L’Amour Electronique this Saturday.

Tune in to Radio 1 tonite (TUE 11 APR) to hear Miss Pain’s ‘Sell it 2 the Kids’.
Yes, that nice Mister Huw Stephens liked it so much he’s chosen it as his Unsigned Track of the Week. That’s RADIO 1, 11pm -1am.

Got a hot date? Washing your hair? Don’t fret, for the show will be available for your listening pleasure for 7 days post-broadcast. Just go to

And while you’re there, maybe you should email Huw and tell him how much you just love that Miss Pain track and that he should definitely play it again. And again. And again.

We are also going to be included on Radio 1’s Best Of Unsigned Podcast, which can be downloaded from
www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/onemusic/unsigned/index.shtml#podcast for a limited period only... apparently (and rather logically), the more people that subscribe to it, the higher it gets in the podcast chart... and the more people get to hear Miss Pain. So go forth and Download.

But that’s not all. ‘Sell it 2 the Kids’ will also be included on Huw’s Unsigned webpage, for a couple of weeks, so you can download it and leave gushing praise on the message board.

Isn’t that exciting?
That's Huw at the back, by the way.

On Saturday, we’ll be doing this:
L'Amour Electronique
Miss Pain DJ's play Synth Pop, French Pop, Electro Pop
The Penthouse, upstairs at The Freebutt, Brighton
doors: 8pm - 1am
entry: free

The usual deal: £2 yr pints and a soundtrack of Serge Gainsbourg, Soft Cell, Françoise Hardy, Add N to (X), Ye-Ye, Jacques Dutronc, Numan, John Foxx, Stereolab, The Human League, Jacques Brel, Stereo Total, Cobra Killer, Miss Pain, The Normal, Brigitte Bardot, Ultravox!, Fad Gadget, Ladytron, Air, Delia Derbyshire, Stazi, Simon Bookish, Northern Electronic, Jane Birkin, Fat Truckers, Divine, New Order, The Electronic Bible, Nouveau Rock'n'Roll Français, Les Années Pop, etcaetera.

Do come, it will be fun.

Look! We have a L’Amour Electronique myspace page
come and be our friends

A bientot
Mlle Bread

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