a quick Hand Shandy and some Organ action

Those naughty types at Hand Shandy zine have given us some rabid and unwholesome praise in the Spring issue of their dirty little pamphlet. Here's what they said about that single what we released last year...
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Also, we're pleased to announce an end to the Miss Pain airwave drought*: Kiss Cuddle Torture was played on the Organ show on Resonance 104.4FM back in May. Looking at the playlist we were in the illustrious company of Genesis and Todd Rundgren, as well as The Low Anthem, and the endearingly named Gay Beast.

they said this:
"They’re a rather pointy electro garage punk band from Brighton, two girls, one boy, and all kinds of synthy fetishy things - fair games written on backs and lo-fi Flying Lizards and bedroom Devo and home-made Roxy and scratchy pop, a kiss in the face, torture is good..."

It's worth mentioning that there are still a few copies of Shelf-Location ROM/Kiss Cuddle Torture seven-inch in the Brighton record shops (Rounder, Resident, Borderline), in case you hadn't got one yet. Or you can buy it direct from us via our palatial online boutique, which also has links to buy mp3 versions and remixes.

*there may not have been a drought, I just stopped looking in a bid to improve my general well-being.

keep it pain-ful


better late than never

Blimey, looks like The Source finally found the single we sent them for review (released November 2008). They say nice things too!

We always knew that Miss Pain had it in them but Shelf-Location ROM’s pop is more polished than the band’s past. The arch-cleverness has taken a backseat to great melodies, a sing along chorus and tight riffing. Anyone looking for electronic craziness are well served by the 8-bit computer style bleepery of MC Fashion’s Kiss Cuddle Torture, the original of which is also chaotic fun. (JK)