All Time Top 100

Hello Pain-fans,
we just wanted to tell you that anyone who is anyone in Brighton will be going to the ALL TIME TOP 100 3rd birthday bash this Saturday 29th April. So you should go there too.

Our very own Sarah Pain will be guest DJing.
Along with a mountain of other Brighton DJ talent (see below)

It all takes place at The Volks, Madeira Drive, Brighton, 11pm - 5am, entry is a mere £6

We'll be mostly hanging out, and sweating off the pounds, in the downstairs room (the indie ghetto) along with Shrag, It Came From the Sea and 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

Those superstar DJs in full:
Steve Chaos & Johnny Rocks (Chaos Rocks / Detournement)
Pete B & Sneaky (Hired Goons / Supercharged)
A-Dam & DJ W*nker (F*** The Pain Away)
Senor Mick & Sam Watts (Mula / Tight Fitt)
Jim Top 100 & Eric Kleptone (The Kleptones)
Nikon Driver & Kicking_K (It Came From the Sea)
Stuart & Juan (The Do / 20 Jazz Funk Greats)
Bobby Love & Russell Warrior (Detournement / Shrag)
Miss Pain & Heidi Heelz (When I Plugged her in She Just Blew Up)
Super soundsystem courtesy of Gramp's Hifi


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Pain! Looking forward to playing with you in June. Just thought I should let you know that you've got the links for us and Dear Britch round the wrong way on here. Take care, alex.x

feline1 said...

I know Luxembourg is quite a small country, but will it REALLY all fit inside the Freebutt...?