Littler Miss Pain...

I've just spent a lovely evening with my Sis...the littler Miss Pain. (Well she's actually taller, but never mind.) We drank lots of cheap red wine and ate creme brulee...hurray!
Love Sarah xx


The Curse of the Wig-Hat

Hey Phil, what's that on your Dome?
Mr Spector (slave to his Wig-glue) in court....
Do you think maybe he's trying for diminished responsibility?


Something for the Weekend


Firstly, may we point you to the column on the right of your screens, for Miss Pain is taking to the road this November for a handful of live assaults on selected cities.

We're up for some more, so if anyone can put us on near to any of these locations/dates, please get in touch ASAP [email: painforhire@misspain.co.uk]. We're serious about this, anywhere near Leeds and Manchester on Thu 10th, or the following weekend; also anywhere down south following the Winchester date- GET IN TOUCH.

Vive Le Weekend, 'tis less than an hour away for those of us in 9-5.30 limbo.
If you can make it to Brighton this weekend, we urge you to go:
some Ladyfest events
including the Art exhibition, which Sarah Pain has some frightening-scatalogical-insight-into-her-psyche work on display;
also our dear friend Alison 'Baby Donut' Wolfe is playing with her new band Partyline tonite at the Core Club;
and on Sunday our ace friends Smarty Pants play the Candy Bar.
[there's tons more stuff too, so check the website: www.ladyfestbrighton.co.uk

Also Tonite
Plan B presents Kevin Blechdom, Printed Circuit and Simon Bookish at Hanbury Ballroom

And Another Thing
There are some dashing photos of Miss Pain from their gig at Audio t'other week, just over here...

And if you go to the Ladyfest exhibition, remember to get yr free badge from Sarah's exhibit

Gotta go.
Mister Pain


it's Miss Pain day

Hey-ho Pain-fans,

We thought you might like to know it is Miss Sarah Pain's birthday today,. and we hope you'll join us in wishing her many happy returns, perhaps by leaving a comment on this here blog thing. Or, if you would like to wish her a happy birthday in person, she will be DJ'ing at Union on Brighton seafront tonite from 10pm [expect to hear the following songs at least once: Altered Images - 'Happy Birthday'; Bryan Ferry - 'It's My Party'; Blondie - '(I'm Always Touched by Your) Presents, Dear'. Sorry there was no need for that....].

If you can't make it tonite, Sarah will be celebrating again on Friday:
When I Plugged Her In She Just Blew Up, The Penthouse, above The Freebutt, from 8pm

and again with her fellow Pains at:

L’Amour Electronique
Miss Pain DJ’s play Synth Pop, French Pop, Electro Pop
The Penthouse, upstairs at The Freebutt, Brighton
8pm – 11pm
entry: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks to everyone who came and screamed their lungs out at Audio last Friday – that was something special. Hysteria is a good thing, even if we couldn’t hear ourselves above it half the time...

Here’s a few choice quotes that have come to our attention:

“sheer, effervescent fun and frivolity...”

“I have ears raped by them twice...”

“Miss Pain gave me a hard-on and a warm feeling in my bum.”

The scene: setting up the Miss Pain arsenal at Audio, 07.10.05.
them: “That was fucking shit... You’re the worst band I’ve ever seen.”
us: “But we haven’t played yet”
them: “Well you’re still fucking shit...” (skulks off muttering to self)

"...how do they cope with walking about in their normal clothes?"

Still inspiring love and hate, as you can see...

Don’t forget to feed us back with your comments and birthday wishes.
Merci bien
Miss Pain