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Look Mum! We've got a new website!

Ain't she pretty? Too many new features to go into here, but the SHOP has some delightful new Pain memorabilia...

A round of applause for Dom Pain who's struggled with his sanity getting it finished - no more dreaming in HTML for him!

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To celebrate this worldwideweb mile-stone, them Pains are being let out for a very special night of Girl-to-the-power-of-eight-Pop:

The Pipettes + Miss Pain + Teasing Lulu
The Concorde2, Madeira Drive
doors: 8pm
entry: £6.50 (adv)/ £8.50 (on the door) BUY ADVANCE TICKETS

It's an ALL AGES SHOW which means everyone can come. Just so long as
they are accompanied by a responsible adult. (check
the Concorde2 website for a definition of responsible adult)

Yep, it's big stages and dressing rooms for us Pains. Though the
dressing rooms aren't as glamorous as they sound - more like a room
that you wouldn't particularly want to get dressed in.

Miss Pain's girl/boy electro-shock melodrama starts at about 9pm, and
is mouth-wateringly sandwiched betwixt Teasing Lulu's shouty girl
punk-pop and The Pipettes' sassy polka-dot grrrl group delights.

Here's the full Girl-to-the-power-of-eight-Pop schedule:
Doors: 8pm
Teasing Lulu: 8.20pm
Miss Pain: 9pm
The Pipettes: 9.45pm
Note: There will be a DJ, playing "appropriate" music.

It's Monday night and it will be fun. Yes it will. Yes, we speak the truth.

If you're still reading, then we suggest you got to the website and
enjoy the curios in the noise/action area. That's fun too.

Message Ends.
Miss Pain

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