Greetings Pain-fans, it’s been a while, and now we have a whole heap of BIG NEWS to report.

1. L’Amour Electronique this Saturday
2. New songs on MySpace
3. Brighton Live gigs
4. New releases on Chicks On Speed’s ‘Girl Monster’ and Fatale’s ‘Do Me More Electro!!!!’ compilations

1) Come join the Miss Pain three at The Guardian’s South-East No.1-Club-of-the-Week(!)

L’Amour Electronique
Miss Pain DJs play Synth Pop, French Pop and Electro Pop
The Penthouse, above The Freebutt, Phoenix Place, Brighton
8pm - 1am
entry: FREE

You know the drill: Serge Gainsbourg, John Foxx, Francoise Hardy, Human League, Stereo Total, Jacques Dutronc, Les Georges Leningrad, Soft Cell, etc, with a strong measure of Ye-Ye and a sprinkling of electronic delights along the way.

There’ll be striking tricolore decor, French films and music videos, French literature, a petit Mac Classic computer, late bar, cheap drinks offers, and dancing – if you can find some floor-space!

For setlists, photos, music and bonus YouTube video delights take a look at our MySpace

2) We’ve been busy Pains in the studio: hear the results on MySpace, including a super-powered reworking of ‘Sell it 2 the Kids’, and a monstrous extended-prog-epic version of ‘Endoscopy Blues’

3) In a couple of weeks the whole of Brighton will be going slowly loopy to the sickly squall of tinnitus. Yes, it’s Brighton Live 2006, it’s all free and it’s Miss Pain’s grand return to live action:

Miss Pain play LIVE!
+ Husbands + Peepholes
The Prince Albert, Trafalgar St, Brighton
Doors: 8pm – 11pm
Entry: FREE

Seeing as we’ve been depriving you poor Pain-fans for a few months, we have a whole box of tricks and surprises up our sleeves for this. We can’t tell you more, so you’ll have to come and see for yourselves.

Please also make an effort to come and see our pick of Brighton’s waifs and strays the following night: (NB Miss Pain will NOT be playing live at this, but will be DJ-ing, equipment permitting)
The Utopians + The Fuck You Planet Earth + Dirty Cakes
The Garden, Kensington Gardens, Brighton
Doors: 6pm (early gig)
Entry: FREE

4) We Pains are very excited to be featured on 2 HOT new compilations:

Chicks On Speed’s ‘Girl Monster’ is a 3 CD/61 song femme evaluation of music from punk to the now, covering The Slits, Le Tigre, Bjork, Delta 5, Robots in Disguise, Erase Errata, Cobra Killer, and more more more. Includes Miss Pain’s ‘Sell it 2 the Kids (megaphone version)’.
Should be available in all good record shops on the street and on the web.

Do Me More Electro!!!!’ was compiled by Parisian electro-sluts Fatale. Miss Pain’s ‘Tapped Yr Phone’ shares laser space with Gravy Train, Motormark, Shrag, Revl9n, Crack W.A.R. and a load more electro-dancefloor hits.
Go to www.fatalerocks.com to order your copy.

Any other business?

Pat yourself on the back for reading this far.
Keep it pain-ful
The Miss Pain three


What we did last week...

Dear Pain-fans,
On bank-holiday Monday we three Pains took a little trip to the seaside (it was a different seaside called Littlehampton)...

First we went to "Fun Land", where Leonardo Da Vinci drew this picture of us.

We tried to point out to him that Sarah doesn't actually have a beard of iron-filings, but he took our £3 and scarpered. Now where's the fun in that?

Next we went on the "amazing boat-train". Which wasn't very amazing but the 'locomotive' was shaped a bit like a boat. Here we are being amazed (note: Dom's incognito look)

We got off the train at an "adventure golf course", and we were ready for some adventure, so...

Sarah adopts her professional golfer stance.

Adventure Golf scoreboard
1. Dom Pain (possibly due to some lax score-keeping on his part)
2. Sarah Pain (lead the field until a disastrous round on the Volcano hole)
3. Verity Pain (a slow start, but made up soem ground on the last few holes)

On returning to Dom and Verity's 'hood, they were shocked to discover the secret was out:

On Wednesday, we returned to The Red Room to mix three new recordings, which will be on MySpace very soon.

Dom returns from another vocal-take with his drink of choice - hot honey and lemon with a shot of brandy.

Meanwhile Verity and Sarah busy themselves with work of greater importance...

Later that week, Sarah shamelessly dropped 'Endoscopy Blues' whilst DJ'ing at an indie club. And the kids? They shook their skinny little asses.

Stay tuned for more Pain-ful shenanigans, and keep an eye on MiceBase for those new recordings.

This is Mister Pain signing out.