>>>French Disko + Vote for Miss Pain

Salut Pain-sters & Pain-ettes,
We bring you news of our petit French Disko soiree this Friday.

But first a chance for you to vote for your fave girl/boy electro-shock pop-ists (that’s Miss Pain, by the way!) on t’internet:

We have a page on NME’s New Music site. Just log-in or register as a member, and then you can listen to Heartbreaker and Caught My Eye, leave a comment, and come out as a Miss Pain fan.

And on Channel 4’s SlashMusic site you can also listen to Heartbreaker and watch the live video for E.B.F.H. (Electric Blue Fire Hazard), AND you can post a review and rate us out of five.

We look forward to a deluge of (kind) feedback. And we thank you in advance.

And now a reminder for this week:

L'Amour Electronique
Miss Pain DJ's play Synth Pop, French Pop, Electro Pop
The Penthouse, upstairs at The Freebutt
doors: 8pm - 1am
entry: FREE

(nb. there are some flyers and posters out there that say it’s on Saturday. This was a small f* up on our part. The proper date is FRIDAY 30th JUNE.)

The Miss Pain three host an evening of synth pop, French pop and electro pop for all you robots, bar-flies, and Francophiles. Mixing up a cocktail of music from Serge Gainsbourg to Soft Cell, France Gall to Fat Truckers, Jacques Dutronc to John Foxx, Francoise Hardy to The Human League, via Stereo Total, Ladytron, Brigitte Bardot, Cobra Killer, Ye-Ye, The Electronic Bible, Nouveau Rock’n’Roll Francais, Pop a Paris, etcaetera.

Plus! The usual excess of decorations and embellishments to come crashing down around you, with special guest confidante The Mac Classic, and the ever-glamorous Mlle Sell providing translation services and secretarial support.

We have some new video and audio on our myspace, as well as photos and set-lists from last time, www.myspace.com/lamourelectronique.

And finally, from July L’Amour Electronique goes monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Yay!

A Bientot!
Miss Pain


>>>See Miss Pain for the last time...

...this summer.

Yep, it's our final, end of summer blow-out, and we want YOU to be there. You know it just won't be the same without YOU. Yes, I'm talking to YOU. Listen up.

Miss Pain will be shaking the foundations of The Freebutt this Saturday, with an all-out assault of synthetic pop, visual noise, uncompromising elegance, glamour and artifice.

The situation is this:

Luxembourg + Miss Pain + Mashkova
The Freebutt, Phoenix Place
doors: 8pm
entry: £5/£4 concs

Not cheap enough for you? Bring this flyer for £1 off entry.

Are we not kind?

Here’s what to expect:
8.25pm Mashkova
who like pie charts and make sub-pop electronica.
9.10pm Miss Pain
who will cause a scene and preen and scream, and plan to go out in a hail of analogue sparks.
10.00pm Luxembourg
well-dressed young men who play apocalyptically good pop a la Roxy, Bowie, Pulp, Smiths, Suede.

So there you have it. Your very last chance to catch a dose of the Pain to see you through the sticky summer months. We will return, with new songs, new clothes, big ideas, and fresh, new blood coursing through our veins.

Thanks to everyone who shunned the sunshine to witness some Miss Pain live action in London last weekend. And extra-special thanks to Shrag for summer holiday tour-bus fun.

Love + Pain
the M.P.3


>>>LONDON + BRIGHTON last shows until October

Look Out!
Miss Pain play their final shows of the summer. So make sure you catch a good dose of the Pain to keep you going through the hot sticky nights…

First, the Pains make 2 hit’n’run assaults on London this weekend, aided by their comrades-in-arms Shrag. And, if they make it back, they will entertain the troops in Brighton the following Saturday.

Rough Trade presents RoTa
Miss Pain + Connan & the Mockingbirds + Shrag
Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate
Nearest Tube: Notting Hill Gate
doors: 4pm - 8pm
entry: FREE

Apparently there’s some football match happening, and the Notting Hill Arts Club will be opening especially early for people to watch it. First band on at 5pm.

If you've not been before, the Arts Club has a pleasant Eastern Bloc youth club feel, but with beer and pear cider, as well as vodka. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening? And the whole thing will be over in time to go out for Saturday nite proper.

Club Hemisphere Barbecue All-dayer
Punish The Atom + Ill Ease + Miss Pain
+ Zoppo + Shrag + Econoline + Chow Chow
Plus! DJs Left Brain vs Right Brain, The Undertaker and Silver Rocket
Plus! Food
The Windmill, 22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton
Nearest Tube: Brixton
doors: 4pm - 12am
entry: £5

Blimey that’s a lot fun for five pounds. Get your advance tickets from wegottix

And if you fancy a weekend beside the seaside:
Luxembourg + Miss Pain + Mashkova
The Freebutt, Phoenix Place
doors: 8pm
entry: £5

For those who like Pulp and Roxy Music, Luxembourg are launching their debut album.
Miss Pain will make some noise and pull some shapes like it’s their last gig of the summer. Which it is.
Able support from Mashkova.

Thanks, if you’re still reading this. Now go outside and enjoy the English summer.

And now, we bid you adieu.
Miss Pain