bank holiday fun!!!!

wow! i had such a fun bank holiday weekend! yeah! it went as follows: friday=blue ice cream (kidz were in awe!!!!)/paddling/drinking wine with my sis 'n' mate in the garden/dancing down the girl-power-sexist-disko....saturday=i went to see BIS!!!! i haven't had that much fun at a gig for years....BIS!!!!YEAH!!!....sunday=sunday lunch/drinking rather nice cidre on the beach with my friends/more ice cream (green and pink)/kareoke (i sang 'pop musik' by m...it was a HIT!... i think ;-)/party time!....monday=6 hour country walk with david (the miss pain sound engineer) around the south downs (devils dyke to ditchling beacon to stanmer park)/wild flowers/frollicking deer/baby rabbits/ginger beer/getting mildly electrocuted by touching an electric fence 'to see if it was on' (well done sarah!!)/it getting dark before we were anywhere near home/cup of earl grey on arrival back in brighton....and that was my super-rock-'n'-roll-nature-walk-bank-holiday-bender.... hope you had a fun time too....love sarah xxx


>>>Gig (off) + UK/Euro Tour + New Audio/Video

Hello Pain-fans, we have news and stuff to tell you…

We were booked to play a gig on Easter Sunday (Cavalcade of Pop/Po Na Na). The venue has decided to change its nights around a bit so it's been postponed, and will happen on a later date.

So don’t bother going down there expecting some Miss Pain /resurrection thing going on. Stay at home and stuff yr face with chocolate eggs instead.

Bookings/Queries to >>> nick(at)clubhemisphere.com

We wanna play yr clubs / discos / gigs / dance parties / sweaty basements / etcetera
If you can put us on, or if you know someone who maybe could, send us or Nick a message.

We have updated our website with a spanking new Audio player and some ultra-RAW live footage too.
>>>>>>>>>GO TO: www.noiseaction.misspain.co.uk

4. --L’Amour Electronique – SAT 28 APR + SAT 26 MAY
We play Synth Pop, French Pop et Electro Pop
Every 4th Sat @ The Penthouse, above The Freebutt
8pm – 1am / Free Entry

Check the Myspace, where we have just added the March playlist with some FREE mp3 links and a bonus YouTube. Aren’t we kind!

If you live in Brighton pick up a copy of local zine The Source. They have reviewed our new “single” Endoscopy Blues:
“Nick Cave might have the ‘No Pussy Blues’ on the Grinderman album but you know that a metal probe up his insides would soon stop his moaning. What a pain in the arse! Less synthy than you might be expecting, on ‘Endoscopy Blues’ Dom manages to make the whole metaphor work with menace, while Sarah actually makes the process sound sexy. The lo-fi Shangri-Las meets The Cramps at The Rum Runner backing should find plenty of fans now The Gossip are top ten stars”

There’s a nice picture too. But the fact is it ain’t a single, but a promo CD so no-one will be able to buy it just yet. Don’t fret though cos we’ll have a new CD on sale during our tour. Yeah!

6. --PHOTO

There are more new photos like that on our Myspace from Electrocious @ The Pressure Point on 20 MAR 07: www.myspace.com/vivamisspain

7. --ETC
thank you for reading.

8. --ETC
Happy Easter,
Love + Pain
Sarah, Verity and Dom