>>>Miss Pain gets Totally Wired>>>

Salutations good readers,
We’d first off like to thank everyone who came to see us play last weekend - Windsor was chock full of strangelings (ever get the feeling you’re at the only nightclub in town?), and Brixton was a blast (all broken strings and flying feathers). Thank you also to Hiem, X-Wife and Large Number for sharing stages, floors, drinks, equipment and laughs with us.

Now some breaking news:
The Brighton Polar Central show on March 10th has had to be moved.
Miss Pain and Motormark will now be playing on
it all kicks off at 7pm, wear your best party clothes.

This weekend sees us Pain’s on the airwaves. Totally Wired presenters, Marcus and Anna, have invited us in to talk about the Electronic Bible 2 compilation, and to play some of our fave tracks off it. We’ll be broadcast across Brighton and all over the WorldWideWeb. And it’ll be LIVE. gulp!

You can listen to Totally Wired in the Brighton area on Juice 107.2 FM, this Sunday from 8pm - 10pm.
Or if you have a speedy connection, you can listen on t’internet at http://www.totallyradio.com/. (and the show will be available for your listening pleasure for a full week afterwards).

Then on Monday the Electronic Bible chapter 2 will be racked up in all good record shops - so go and get your own slice of electronic goodness. As well as Miss Pain’s ‘F* Machines’ (which earned the album a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker, and was recently described by Plan B as a “Ballard-ian synthscrape... like The Normal-with-a-wide-on”), it features exclusive tracks by the likes of Large Number, Hiem, X-Wife, No Bra, Piney Gir, and Momus.

For those in an agoraphobic state of mind, the album is also available to download on iTunes http://www.apple.com/itunes/ or you can order the CD from http://www.whitelabelonline.com/.

Finally, the new website should almost definitely be online by Monday, if we can manage to resurrect our ancient PowerMac. We need a whole room to house her and a big set of bellows to get her started, but we love our dear old Mac, and we’ve been through a lot together...

thanks for reading,
love the Miss Pain three

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Dom, you done a good job boy. I'm proud of you!!
From your ol' Dad & Izzy. XX
Hi to Verity & Sarah too.