And so, Miss Pain crept quietly into 2006....

Dear Pain-fans,
It’s a new year, and you may be forgiven for thinking us Pains have been resting on our laurels, debauching ourselves through the festive season, and generally getting out of shape.

You’d be wrong, of course, for we are in whippet-thin condition, with healthy, glossy coats and an interminable hunger to get back out there and cause a disturbance...

...Just as soon as we get a few chores finished.

As I type, Sarah Pain is in a plane, somewhere between Japan and Brighton. Be sure to wave as she flies by.

Meanwhile, things are afoot in Miss Pain HQ, Dom Pain is locked away in a damp, far-flung corner, correcting his Hypertext Markup Language and creating a ravishing new website. And Verity Pain has been deep in correspondence regarding our inclusion on Ann Shenton’s Electronic Bible chapter 2. You’ll also notice we have a few gigs coming up (look to the right...).

Conclusion: This is the calm before the storm - so hold on tight kids.

the M.P.3. xxx

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