And lo! The Miss Pain arsenal rolled into action.

Yes, we are pleased to report that the Miss Pain three will be appearing on stage in public causing a scene at no less than 3 happenings.

1. is TOP SECRET and INVITE ONLY, and will involve frightening some poor unsuspecting wedding guests. Again.

2. is FREE ENTRY as follows:
Friday 7th October
Miss Pain + Coin-Op + Shrag
Audio, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton
Doors: 19.30

The Brighton Live organisers have asked Miss Pain to curate a show as part of the week long live music crawl.
Miss Pain : 2 girl/1 boy electro-shock pop
Coin-Op : Synthesized prog-punk mayhem
Shrag : Spiky, shouty art-school kraut-pop

3. is also FREE ENTRY and will feature them Pains duelling on the wheels o’ steel, Oh Yes!
L’Amour Electronique
Miss Pain DJ’s play Synth Pop, French Pop, Electro Pop
The Penthouse, upstairs at The Freebutt, Brighton
8pm – 11pm
entry: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

from naughty Serge to Soft Cell, via Stereo Total and Cobra Killer. Neil Tennant-PetShopBoy turned up last time to find us rolling drunk, and he apparently approved of what he saw and heard...

Other exciting news:
1. It seems we neglected to arrange a fanfare to let you all know about the dashing video for ‘Caught My Eye’, directed by the terribly talented Rupert Noble. You can watch it at his site [also available at VidZone, between Mis-Teeq and Missy Elliott].

2. Miss Pain have been busy working behind the scenes at Miss Pain HQ, where they have just recorded their kick-ass brand new song ‘Sell it 2 the Kids’. This was immediately sent by carriage pigeon to a member of Chicks on Speed in Barcelona, and will hopefully be the Pains’ contribution to the forthcoming CoS compilation ‘Girl-Monster’. The pigeon has not yet returned.

3. Dom Pain has begun the arduous task of overhauling the Miss Pain website, so it will look ravishing, sparkly and new. It is planned to feature a whole avalanche of hitherto untapped material from the Miss Pain archive. Prepare to be astounded.

4. Sarah Pain recently took her pet rat to the vets to get her fixed. Sarah’s rat is called Ann, and is named after she of Add N to (X) who has chosen F*Machines to appear on her new compilation ‘The Electronic Bible 2’ (to be released shortly). Sarah has another rat called Ivy (as in Poison Ivy). Ivy has red eyes, but is not sickly and shaved like poor Ann.

5. Verity Pain has given up full-time employment to study Cold War design in order to become Dr Pain. She will be hanging out at the V&A museum in London talking about Sputniks and Eastern bloc chic.

6. Dom Pain is still reluctantly in almost-full-time employment. The struggle continues to free the Miss Pain one.

7. Sarah Pain continues to DJ across Brighton, rumour is she has been cloned in order to appear in more than one place at once. Unfortunately this has lead to her spending all the money she earns on duplicating her record collection.

8. The original Sarah Pain will appear at the Sidewinder pub, Upper St. James Street, Kemptown tonite (30.09.05), and will be playing her ALL-TIME TOP 100 records. Come and watch her get misty-eyed over David Byrne and Bryan Ferry, and prepare to be shocked.

For more regular and frivolous flashes of news/nonsense, please come back regularly:

that is all for now
keep it pain-ful
love Miss Pain


Anonymous said...
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mamandouleur said...

What fun. I wish you had played at my wedding. We employed a DJ and cabaret artiste who sang Westlife at us. I sat in my bridal glory asking my husband of three hours to make it stop.

How is Ann doing?

Miss Pain said...

Ann is back with Ivy, but feeling a little sad as she is not allowed out to run amok.

She is shaved, and self-conscious.

We had to start leaving our Westlife cover out of our wedding sets, for similar reasons...

and on that note... I'll get me coat.

cheers for commenting
Dom Pain x

Anonymous said...

Good news that La Grande V is extending her already considerable academic prowess in such a usefully stylish way.

Ask her to give me a shout at davidjmcguire*AT*gmail*DOT*com, willya? I just became a Dad, and I'd love to bore her with photos.