taxi driver

We had a strange taxi ride on the way to L'Amour Electronique last month.

Our driver picked us up and was very excited to see we had proper vinyl records. He told us all about his Dansette and how he gets out his old gramaphone to play Bing Crosby every Christmas.

Somewhere near Seven Dials he asked if we would be doing any singing tonight. The conversation followed something like this:
Us: "No, but we do sing."
Taxi driver: "Are you in a band then?"
Us: "Yes, we're all in a band together"
Taxi driver: "You're not in the Miss Pain band, are you?"
Us: "Er, yes... we are."
Taxi driver: "I thought I recognised you. I gave you a lift once, you gave me one of your demonstration discs."
Us: "Blimey, you've got a good memory. Have you still got the record?"
Taxi driver: "Yes I have. Very pleasant it was too."
Us: "We're not sure if we've ever been described as pleasant before, but glad you liked it."

Maybe we'll be the subject of one of those "I had that Miss Pain in my taxi once, you know" stories.
Hello Warren, if you're reading.

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