What we did last week...

Dear Pain-fans,
On bank-holiday Monday we three Pains took a little trip to the seaside (it was a different seaside called Littlehampton)...

First we went to "Fun Land", where Leonardo Da Vinci drew this picture of us.

We tried to point out to him that Sarah doesn't actually have a beard of iron-filings, but he took our £3 and scarpered. Now where's the fun in that?

Next we went on the "amazing boat-train". Which wasn't very amazing but the 'locomotive' was shaped a bit like a boat. Here we are being amazed (note: Dom's incognito look)

We got off the train at an "adventure golf course", and we were ready for some adventure, so...

Sarah adopts her professional golfer stance.

Adventure Golf scoreboard
1. Dom Pain (possibly due to some lax score-keeping on his part)
2. Sarah Pain (lead the field until a disastrous round on the Volcano hole)
3. Verity Pain (a slow start, but made up soem ground on the last few holes)

On returning to Dom and Verity's 'hood, they were shocked to discover the secret was out:

On Wednesday, we returned to The Red Room to mix three new recordings, which will be on MySpace very soon.

Dom returns from another vocal-take with his drink of choice - hot honey and lemon with a shot of brandy.

Meanwhile Verity and Sarah busy themselves with work of greater importance...

Later that week, Sarah shamelessly dropped 'Endoscopy Blues' whilst DJ'ing at an indie club. And the kids? They shook their skinny little asses.

Stay tuned for more Pain-ful shenanigans, and keep an eye on MiceBase for those new recordings.

This is Mister Pain signing out.

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