A Postcard from Leningrad

The mighty Les Georges Leningrad almost disappointed us and a horde of Brighton-types last Saturday. But they turned up in the nick of time, and blew a hole in our heads with their awesome no-wave-disco-screams-and-perversions. Merci Poney, Mingo et Bobo.

Afterwards they had nowhere to stay, so Sarah offered them her floor, and we took them under Miss Pain's wing. And what did we do with them? Took them to a kebab shop, fed them cheap cider, talked French Pop and stage decor, and taught them puerile swears like 'Wanker'. Aren't we good little Pains?

Catch them if you can in Europe:

2006-07-12 - London, UK @ Barden’s Boudoir (Delete Yourself Club), Les Georges Leningrad w/ Dandi Wind + Crystal Castles
2006-07-14 - Montmartin sur mer, Fr @ Fest. Chauffer dans la noirceur, Les Georges Leningrad w/ Final Fantasy, Panico
2006-07-15 - Dour, BE @ Festival de Dour, Les Georges Leningrad w/ Primal Scream + The Gossip + Katerine ...

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