>>>See Miss Pain for the last time...

...this summer.

Yep, it's our final, end of summer blow-out, and we want YOU to be there. You know it just won't be the same without YOU. Yes, I'm talking to YOU. Listen up.

Miss Pain will be shaking the foundations of The Freebutt this Saturday, with an all-out assault of synthetic pop, visual noise, uncompromising elegance, glamour and artifice.

The situation is this:

Luxembourg + Miss Pain + Mashkova
The Freebutt, Phoenix Place
doors: 8pm
entry: £5/£4 concs

Not cheap enough for you? Bring this flyer for £1 off entry.

Are we not kind?

Here’s what to expect:
8.25pm Mashkova
who like pie charts and make sub-pop electronica.
9.10pm Miss Pain
who will cause a scene and preen and scream, and plan to go out in a hail of analogue sparks.
10.00pm Luxembourg
well-dressed young men who play apocalyptically good pop a la Roxy, Bowie, Pulp, Smiths, Suede.

So there you have it. Your very last chance to catch a dose of the Pain to see you through the sticky summer months. We will return, with new songs, new clothes, big ideas, and fresh, new blood coursing through our veins.

Thanks to everyone who shunned the sunshine to witness some Miss Pain live action in London last weekend. And extra-special thanks to Shrag for summer holiday tour-bus fun.

Love + Pain
the M.P.3

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