>>> PAIN + BRITCH = MELODRAMA. Brighton, this Friday

!Newsflash! !Lightning strikes! !Thunder claps! !Theremin wails eerily across the ether!

Yep, them Pains have been coaxed out of hiding for this End-of-Brighton-Festival-Spectacular

Miss Pain + Dear Britch + The Don Bradmans + Rupert Noble video screenings
Hanbury Ballroom, St Georges Rd, Kemptown
Doors: 9.30pm - late
Entry: £5/£4 concessions

Self-styled “1st lady of the ghetto” Dear Britch hosts an evening of Britch-i-ness and faded glamour (like you used to get down the end of the pier). Dear Britch will hold court and perform throughout the evening. Dear Britch must be seen. Dear Britch must be obeyed. For Dear Britch, life is art. Dear Britch may well be the Quentin Crisp / Marjorie Proops of the electro world.

Miss Pain will be headlining this seedy cabaret in their usual inimitable way. They promise cheap thrills and spills, screaming, preening, posing and falling, plus a brand new song about microscopic cameras.
Miss Pain will be onstage at about 11.30pm

The Don Bradmans will also play. (For those of you who know Dom Pain’s civilian name, this may be confusing.) The Don Bradmans regard themselves as “the undisputed champions of chap rock”. There are many of them, and they all go by the name Don Bradman, whilst sporting head-to-toe tweed and well groomed facial whiskers.

Moving pictures will be provided by Mister Rupert Noble, who has been responsible for creating striking pop videos for the likes of The Long Blondes, This Et Al, The Dirty Three. Rupert also made Miss Pain’s dashing ‘Caught My Eye’ video, which will be screened during the evening.

Be there, or be in our bad-books.
Miss Pain xxx
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feline1 said...

Britch has the same hair as my granny, who is 86.

This is a good thing :)