clearing out the Miss Pain archive

Name me a band that has their own complex filing system and I will show you Miss Pain.  We have two draws in a filing cabinet dedicated to the vast and obsessively collected Miss Pain archive.

Or at least we did until recently.

Verity and I have spent 2 weekends systematically combing through and slimming down the massive archive to a single box.  So many memories and SO MUCH PAPER!

This is what we discarded.  If any crazy people out there want copies of anything they see in these photos, speak up for they have a date with the recycling depot in 2 weeks.

That's better: neat and tidy - the vital documentation of Miss Pain circa 2002 to 2008.



Miss Pain have finally completed recording of the final tracks for their next record.  The master tapes have been dispatched to our producer, Mr Woodie Taylor, who has duly flung them into his space-echo chamber at Milou Studios.

They will be pinging around in there for some time until they have been dusted with a breath-taking amount of reverb and some gritty vitality.

Watch this space for more news...


Things we did last year: TWEE and SNAPS compilations

In 2009 we had a year off for various "life pursuits"...
And yet we still managed to release songs on a couple of compilations:

SNAPS vol 2 - The Primitive Compilation was released in November 2009 by Snaps Music Italy.

Miss Pain's 'Kiss Cuddle Torture' opens proceedings and there are 14 more nuggets of filthy-dirty NOW! garage from all over the place.

You can preview the whole album on myspace, and you can buy it from most online music download stores including emusic, itunes, amazon, etc.

Twee By The Sea vol. 2 was released in December 2009 by Jimmy from The Bobby McGees in association with Twee As Fuck

It features 8 Brighton bands: each one recorded live, round one mic, doing accoustic versions of their lovely songs. Miss Pain recorded a battery-powered version of 'Shelf-Location ROM' on giant Stylophone 350s, battery-amped guitar, casio VL-TONE beats and noise box.

It was available FREE from Twee As Fuck... and also from Brighton Record shops and in Limited Numbers in ROUGH TRADE & PURE GROOVE in London. It is probably sold out, but maybe if you ask Jimmy he will have a copy for you to buy.


taxi driver

We had a strange taxi ride on the way to L'Amour Electronique last month.

Our driver picked us up and was very excited to see we had proper vinyl records. He told us all about his Dansette and how he gets out his old gramaphone to play Bing Crosby every Christmas.

Somewhere near Seven Dials he asked if we would be doing any singing tonight. The conversation followed something like this:
Us: "No, but we do sing."
Taxi driver: "Are you in a band then?"
Us: "Yes, we're all in a band together"
Taxi driver: "You're not in the Miss Pain band, are you?"
Us: "Er, yes... we are."
Taxi driver: "I thought I recognised you. I gave you a lift once, you gave me one of your demonstration discs."
Us: "Blimey, you've got a good memory. Have you still got the record?"
Taxi driver: "Yes I have. Very pleasant it was too."
Us: "We're not sure if we've ever been described as pleasant before, but glad you liked it."

Maybe we'll be the subject of one of those "I had that Miss Pain in my taxi once, you know" stories.
Hello Warren, if you're reading.


Press-Stud Vendetta [revisited] - new recording to break the silence...

greetings Pain-fans, it's been a while (a year this Sunday, in fact).

I have come to break the silence with this news:

Go to our myspace and look at the myspace music player. There is a NEW song on there, well a NEW recording of an existing song, a NEW mix by our NEW producer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a hefty slab of brutalist, wall-of-synths pop:

(mixed by Woodie Taylor at Milou Studios)

enjoy it, and we will be back soon.
Dom Pain x


a quick Hand Shandy and some Organ action

Those naughty types at Hand Shandy zine have given us some rabid and unwholesome praise in the Spring issue of their dirty little pamphlet. Here's what they said about that single what we released last year...
[click the pic to make it BIG >]

Also, we're pleased to announce an end to the Miss Pain airwave drought*: Kiss Cuddle Torture was played on the Organ show on Resonance 104.4FM back in May. Looking at the playlist we were in the illustrious company of Genesis and Todd Rundgren, as well as The Low Anthem, and the endearingly named Gay Beast.

they said this:
"They’re a rather pointy electro garage punk band from Brighton, two girls, one boy, and all kinds of synthy fetishy things - fair games written on backs and lo-fi Flying Lizards and bedroom Devo and home-made Roxy and scratchy pop, a kiss in the face, torture is good..."

It's worth mentioning that there are still a few copies of Shelf-Location ROM/Kiss Cuddle Torture seven-inch in the Brighton record shops (Rounder, Resident, Borderline), in case you hadn't got one yet. Or you can buy it direct from us via our palatial online boutique, which also has links to buy mp3 versions and remixes.

*there may not have been a drought, I just stopped looking in a bid to improve my general well-being.

keep it pain-ful


better late than never

Blimey, looks like The Source finally found the single we sent them for review (released November 2008). They say nice things too!

We always knew that Miss Pain had it in them but Shelf-Location ROM’s pop is more polished than the band’s past. The arch-cleverness has taken a backseat to great melodies, a sing along chorus and tight riffing. Anyone looking for electronic craziness are well served by the 8-bit computer style bleepery of MC Fashion’s Kiss Cuddle Torture, the original of which is also chaotic fun. (JK)